bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

A thought for dealing with "Intelligent design"

it came to me while reading this article on Pharyngula. It's simple really. If a state pushes through a weakening of standards that supports "Intelligent" Design, or other religious superstition as a valid scientific theory, then the institutions of higher learning in every other state, (and country too), should then require all students who graduate from that state under those "standards" to take remedial science at the student's expense.

Once ID and other such superstitions start costing people money, you'll see them drop it like the festering pile of shit that it is.

Can you imagine the fun? "Oh, you're from Texas/Whereever? Right, your first semester must include remedial biology, chemistry, and physics that are based on valid scientific theory and procedures, not superstitions and cargo cult theory."

It's amazing how being a laughing stock makes people wake up.

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