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Aww man!

In any endeavour, career, effort, attempt to not throw a ball like a sissy, there's a point when you know you've "made it". No, I don't mean when Barbara Jean's panties are falling out of your hand and her bra has departed for places unknown. Different kind of "made it". Stay focused.

I mean when you know you finally have done something really well, and been recognized in the proper manner for it. For me, in the Mac web, that moment was July 25th, 2006. That's the date of my first mention in CARs. It was a rant about Rob Enderle, with the lines:
“It’s like reading the analysis of a meth-addled circus poodle,” said John C. Welch.

“I mean, seriously, how consistently wrong can one person be and still get called for an opinion?

“NO! Don’t end the article! I need someone to answer that question for me! HOW WRONG DOES HE HAVE TO BE?! BECAUSE I JUST DON’T GET IT!”
I was excited for days. I mean, Macworld, Your Mac Life, all the others are nice, but in the Mac universe, you hadn't really made it until your name showed up in CARs.

Now, like everything, CARs time in the sun looks to be over for a while. I'll miss it. But then, why wouldn't I miss a site where my last mention was:’s John C. Welch concurred.
“I don’t really have anything to say about online security,” he said, “but I’d just like to point out that I, too, have a long and lustrous penis.”
John Moltz is a writer for the ages, and we'll all miss him.

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