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Just...stop it

So, in the past, I've yelled at Rixstep for stealing other people's content, and using it for their own purposes. Sure, they noted where they got it from. That's right up there with "Hey, I stole Bob's car, but I'm noting it's Bob's car I stole."

You still stole it.

Just to head this off, yes, I do think copying content without prior permission, either explicitly and specifically from the creator, or in a license, is stealing. Period. Not excerpting, or quoting. In quoting and excerpting, even though you use someone else's content, you are being clear that it's not yours, and you should, barring the source being a douchewad whom you don't want getting traffic from your site, properly link back to said source. Is that perhaps sophistry? Maybe. But, at least with quoting, you aren't attempting to take credit for someone else's work, nor are you attempting to make it sound like the other person speaks for you. You are using their words, and (hopefully) some vague analysis to make your own point. Ideally, you have an equal, or greater amount of your own content in there.

But taking unedited content, and pass it off as your own? Or even kind of passing it off as your own? Yeah. Stealing. Plagiarism at the very least, but still, stealing. Even worse, removing "bad" words. Now you can't even steal it right.

Enter Sam Downie. Sam is trying to become an Internet 2.0 star. You know the type. The ideological child of Scoble. Basically, he's a New Media Douchebag. Lives for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Him and that other New Media Douchebag poster child, Adam Jackson, did a 24x7 livecast of Macworld Expo.

Sidenote the first: I always wonder, do they turn it off when they take a shit? Because if so, then it's not truly 24x7. What if they get, when they're spanking it, wishing they were getting laid? Not that anyone should see that, but, if you're going to claim 24x7, then you better step up and do it all.

Look at Sam's site. New Media Douchebag, all the way.

Sidenote the second: He's charging 50 fucking pounds sterling an hour to help set up a firewall!?! I hope there aren't that many suckers in GB, but if there are, I'm emigrating!

Sam has some form of Internet Radio Show. Yay for Sam. We all need something. Sam, like many radio show hosts wants guests, but alas, Sam's a New Media Douchebag. He doesn't want to do the work. Ah, the intarweb to the rescue! He makes with the typing, and goes to Shawn King's site, and listens to Shawn's Internet radio show, Your Mac Life. Now Shawn is not a New Media Douchebag. He can be a douchebag about many other things, but he really is not a New Media Douchebag. It's one of his good qualities. (That, and I can run faster than him :-P)

Shawn, not being a New Media Douchebag, does a lot of work to get his guests. He spends a lot of time getting them on the show, and making sure that their segment is interesting for the listeners. He's really good at it. When it comes to da radio, Shawn is in fact, quite amazingly good.

A few weeks ago, on February 13th, Shawn had Tim Gibbons on. Tim is a producer and director, who unlike many who claim those titles, actually works in those fields. It was a good interview, but Shawn's good at that.

Alas, Sam, as are many New Media Douchebags, was looking for content, without all that pesky "work". Spin Magic Wheel of Entitlement Douchery, Spin! Find me my content so that I don't have to work!! Your Mac Life! So Sam does his New Media Douchebag thing, and Tim Gibbons gets a tweet from Sam:
@Tim_Gibbons hope u r listening to my radio show as U are about to be on it :) tune-in at: and click Listen NOW :)
Shawn starts getting Twitter queries from Tim. Tim is very confused, for Tim does not remember being on Sam's show, and he's probably fairly certain that he's not on the show as he's reading that tweet. I imagine Tim had a moment of "HOLY FUCK, LSD REALLY DOESN'T EVER GO AWAY!". If Tim never did LSD, (not saying he did or did not, it's a comedy moment, chill), then I imagine it would be even more disturbing to have your reality fucked with.

So Tim replies back:
@samdownie Wait, I was on your show? I think I missed that! :)"
Since Shawn follows Tim on Twitter, he sees Tim's tweet, and from there, Sam's. Hmm.

Tim tells Shawn that he had never been on Sam's show, and asked Shawn if he'd given Sam permission to rebroadcast the interview. Shawn had not. So Shawn goes to Sam's site and sees:
I went to Sam's web site and, sure enough, he had a message on his site, "You are listening to Shawn King talking to Tim Gibbons on my radio show NOW!"
Da Fuck? No, actually, it was Shawn talking to Tim on Shawn's show, as stolen and rebroadcast sans permission by Sam. As Shawn wrote:
You can listen to the audio of the show and, sure enough, with about 36 mins left, he starts pimping the interview with Tim Gibbons. Now, to be fair, Sam doesn't pass it off as his own interview or say I'm a "correspondent" or anything like that. He does mention Your Mac Life and our URL but he does *not* make it clear that he's simply taking our content and rebroadcasting it.

The wheels on the New Media Douchebag bus go 'round and 'round...

What kind of fucking crackhead thinks this is fair use? I've been over that section of U.S. Copyright law too many times for my own good, Sam in no way meets that, and I'll take a WAG, and guess he's not doing legal Fair Use under the UK version either. Attribution, even proper, is not permission.

Shawn is not doing this because he's a great guy, he's doing it because that's his job. He has other people, among them, who pay him money to rebroadcast his stuff, and oddly, they get pissy when other people do it for free. Go figure. Shawn's pissed, and he has a right to. This is his work, his time, his efforts, and Sam, like the New Media Douchebag he is, just fucking slices it out of his show without so much as a by-your-leave? Even worse, he fucking censors it, so that no one has to hear teh bad werds. He's not only a New Media Douchebag, he's too much of a wuss to not fuck with the content he steals. Jerk.

What a fucking cockmonger. I mean holy fuck, is it that hard to ask? He's on Twitter, I assume he can work email, Shawn is a real easy guy to get ahold of. Even if he didn't let him just rebroadcast that interview, I'm pretty sure he'd have worked with Sam to help out somehow, within his particular constraints.

But no, "it's on da intarwebs, it's free!". Bullshit. Bull-fucking-shit, it ain't free for you to copy without asking. Take me for example. The stuff on this site? I'm mellow about it. It's annoying when it gets republished without credit, but face it, anyone who's read me will know what's up. I have a...unique voice. However, when I sell articles, then I do get pissed. Someone else paid for that work, that effort, and I fucking did the work and the effort. (If you think it's easy, YOU do a detailed look at SNMP on Mac OS X 10.5, see how fucking easy it is.)I, the asshole doing the work chose to sell that work and certain rights to it for an amount of filthy lucre that I find agreeable. No, you do not have the fucking right to republish it without fucking asking.

You don't have the right to do it with this stuff either. (Especially since y'all are some cheap google ads ain't even payin' my bandwidth bills. Just a click people, don't be that way.) Not without asking.

In short, Sam Downie is a New Media Douchebag, and needs a good scrotal tasin'. Dickhead.

<OMG!!111 TEH AWSUM UPDATZ! Sam is now quoting Digg's fucking TOS at me! (at Shawn too) Because, as we all know, there's no better way to prove you're not a fucking douchecrumpet, (See? See that? Douchcrumpet! 'Cause Sam's British, so they eat crumpets! That's why I'm cool, I use region-correct invective!), than to quote DIGG'S TOS at me. Because O NOES! I MIGHT GET BANNED FROM DIGG!!!! TEH WHOREOARS! TEH WHOREOARS! Sam? Here's a tip: That shit only works on other New Media Douchebag's. I don't give a fuck about Digg liking me or not. Maybe you should go for, you know, a response that is actually...effective next time.>

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