bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Twitterbomb AWAY!

  • 10:01 @mikemchargue you realize you just dared the universe to make your Monday even worse. #
  • 22:41 Just watched the killer z's play the best game they've had all season long. Ended up losing, but a *hell* of a game #
  • 22:42 NickM especially with some amazing left field work and a nice inside the park home run with an RBI #
  • 22:47 @zacksback someone got lazy, and didn't do their pre-flight FO sweep right #
  • 22:47 @kvanh yeah...i mean..damn, you can't even CHECK. Lame #
  • 23:03 @mdeatherage they've come up a number of times, to Microsoft's dismay in the last few years. #
  • 23:48 @NickiHiss as long as they aren't onesie bunny jammies with a flap in the back, and you aren't wearing a snow hat with them, you're fine #
  • 23:51 I think people who push "unconferences" and "unsummits" should be "unkicked" in the "ungroin" until they "uncry" like an "unbaby" #
  • 23:52 @NickiHiss but do they have feet and the flap? That's really the critical part. #
  • 23:53 @NickiHiss there is an exception for women's onesie jammies that button down the front, but it depends on the # of opened buttons #
  • 00:02 @NickiHiss make sure you fold the earlaps on the hat so they stick straight out. That's the best sign of sanity you can have. #
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