bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Twitterbomb AWAY!

  • 01:01 Bobby Blair just replayed my childhood #
  • 11:47 While the Big 3 beg like crack whores, Honda builds out their IT infrastructure: #
  • 11:47 #
  • 11:47 Tell me again why only caring about your next quarter is good business #
  • 12:03 PLayed Bass for the first time last night. Fun, but ow on the fingers #
  • 12:18 hey Facebook people: Don't use other people's art for your flair. If I catch you, I'm going to call you names. You don't want that #
  • 12:51 Me: "I'm in California for 3 days and The Donnas aren't playing a concert in that time. The universe hates me" #
  • 12:52 @mercuralis: "The universe is flying you to Cali, and putting you up in a nice hotel for three days so you can yell at people." #
  • 12:52 @mercuralis: "The universe LOVES you" #
  • 12:52 Me: "Oh...yeah, I guess it does" #
  • 13:22 hurrah for 3-section popup xmas trees! #
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