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Because I can NEVER resist a chance to try and win at "I've got the most eclectic taste in music...", lifted from poorheather:

The "NAME THAT SONG" Meme...

  1. Everybody needs a little light under the sun
  2. Shake it like you just don't care
  3. Down in the city streets, see the folk go racin'. No time left, to pass the time away
  4. When this is over, lovin' you will be so right
  5. So your tongue became a razor
  6. Once you put your hand in the flame, it can never be the same
  7. Show me how you want it to be
  8. While drawing them ever deeper into the bowels of EL DIABLO!
  9. Here come the law, gotta break down the door, gonna carry me away once more
  10. Big, black, boots; Long, brown, hair; She's so sweet with that "get back" stare
  11. I may look like I'm crazy, but i've been this way before
  12. Don't be lazy, it's about to get crazy, just wait 'til you see what we did with the chandelier
  13. Some say Man ain't happy truly until Man truly dies
  14. She didn't scream, she did not make a sound...I forgive you boy, but don't leave town
  15. Forgive me father for I have sinned, I've been through hell and back again.
  16. Across the stratosphere, a final message, "Give my wife my love", then nothing more...
  17. We held the day in the palm of our hand...They ruled the night.
  18. Down by the sea, I found your hidden treasure. Just you and me, we overdosed on pleasure.
  19. All I really need is to know that you believe
  20. I'll give you 10 G's nigga if you leave me alone

You know the deal...artist and title for each song with number.

Party on, and if it's a song you've never heard before, well, try something new ;-)

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