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So, today...poorheather and I are out looking at a new car for me...well, not a new car per se, but a car nonethless.

Actually, it's a 1973 Mustang convertible with the 302, but an aftermarket Holley 4bbl, and fat pipes. A bit of the creepting rot, but only in a few spots. Nothing really bad. It...sounds...nice. It burbles in the way that only a V-8 can. And it's a convertible...a red convertible. Although it screams to be black. That car REALLY wants to be black. Here...look at the pics, see what I mean. The interior's kinda "eh", the guy was real upfront that he's blown that off. But the engine got rebuild at 100K, and is on 30K of the rebuild. It's a tetch out of tune, but I can fix that.

I want that car. I want to pull into work with it, and have the SRV cover of "Voodoo Child" playing at volumes that shatter eardrums for blocks. Or LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out".

But that was not the amazing car....oh no.


Now, don't get me wrong, the 'stang was way cool. Really.

But it quails in the sheer force of bizarro nature that is...


I mean...I cannot really say anything about this...glorious homage to mild religious insanity that would not be redundant. Look at it. Bask in the glory of the black jesus. Jesus of the gas cap cover. Beam me up Jesus.

Ernie himself is just glorious too..that beard. My god, I could just stare at that beard for hours...and his quotes...

"I got a jazz band by the manger because there was a jazz band when jesus was born."


Then in the diner...."Are they makin' fun of Ernie's car again...yep...oh he used to have a lot more on the hood...but it kept blowing off on the freeway."

Can you imagine...driving along, having a nice day, then from out of no where...PLASTIC JESUSES, (Jesi? Jesus's?) SLAMMING INTO YOUR HOOD! OH THE HUMANITY!!!

I mean...I can just hear the WKRP tie in..."As God is my witness, I thought Jesus could fly".

You KNOW Ernie's making therapists rich for MILES...

god I love him

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