bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

That Acrobat Assrape still stings

And you know, you'd think it wouldn't anymore.

You'd think that after the continual "fuck off' that the Acrobat team gives the Mac community, (Fuck your AppleScript, it's VBA or nothing, and lemme tell you, I think even with the return of VBA, it'll be nothing. The Acrobat team has continually lied about Office integration on the Mac for how many years now? You think I'll believe a fucking thing they say sans released product? Oh SHIT no! Sorry Lampwick, you'll have to work the salt mines solo), that it'd be easier to deal with.

Nope, still sucks. "Oh, just use FlashPaper to convert things to Flash for use with Acrobat Connect...wait, Mac user? Yeah, fuck off hippie, go get a real OS".

The sad thing is, Acrobat is really a decent product, but it's hampered by a team that only cares about you if you're an all-Windows company with > 30,000 seats. They could give a fuck all about you if you're a small company, and if you have Macs, you can never have enough for them to give a squirt of piss about your needs. Mac users are pretty much lucky they didn't keep the PDF spec private, and forbid its use on anything but Windows. (Yeah, I will in fact bet that there's quite a few people in that team who wish they could take that product Windows-only at every possible level.)

I imagine I'll get it high and hard a few more times from the Acrobat team while trying to use Acrobat Connect.

Too bad they aren't more like the CS team proper.

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