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This is why we have music...

So I just saw Prince with poorheather...


I mean, God was on the stage. And his disciples.

It was WHY I go to concerts. It was what I've always wanted to see. A master musician and a band that is up to the task of playing with him. The opening 40 minutes were...I can't describe what I saw really. It simple has to be experienced. I can't describe what it was like watching 4 horns, (inc. Candy Dulfer, woohoo!), two keyboards, a drummer, a second guitar, and bass player all playing as a machine, but not in lock step. Flexible and tight. No mistakes. No fuckups. A bass line in "When Doves Cry". Bass lines that made my chest hurt, but never dominated.

The SOUND was even tight.

And the acoustic set....christ.

Just him, the guitar, (purple of course), and a rotating stool.

Nothing else.

As he said throughout the night...It's Musicology, School's in.

"The Glamorous Life"...ACOUSTIC. "Cream" as a singalong...."Okay, so y'all seem to be losing it on the lyrics, so let me remind you..." Just the middle of the stage...and raising a diminutive middle finger to almost everyone performing.

All these fucking lamer crunch bands..Fuck you, I can crunch harder.

Speed Metal? Fuck you, I can play faster and more hardcore.

Malmsteen/Van Halen...Oh I got your shit too.

Blues? PWN3D

Jazz? Shit, you need ask?

Rock, bluegrass, the man even did a few bars of "Jailhouse Rock".

But at the same time, having FUN. Playing with the audience. Smiling. Enjoying himself. It was a 2.5 hour party. Fun all the way. And the closing "Purple Rain"...magnificent.

Note that he didn't monopolize. Everyone got spot, everyone got solo. And nothing was lacking.

The keyboard solo...magnificent. His horn players...I shit you not, bits from "The Flintstones" and "Sanford and Son". Old school, new school, Prince was TEACHING school. Everyone playing today needs to see this show. Because THIS is the standard.

The best musician playing the top of his form and cooking.

I think that every concert from here on out is going to be lacking in comparison.

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