bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Hammerfall Facebook RPG - Kings of the DIck Move

So now, not only are the Hammerfall people stealing art, but they're renaming stuff on their photobucket account, (where all the stolen game artwork is hosted) so that the DMCA notices don't apply.

Let's be clear...first they say "Oh we have the rights", then they CHANGE FILES AROUND so as to nullify efforts of the PEOPLE THEY STOLE THE ARTWORK FROM to make them STOP USING THE ART THEY STOLE.

These are not the actions of people who think they have clear license to things. These are the actions of fucking thieves trying to avoid getting busted.

So let's be clear: Dennis Kimbell and Mark Kimbell, the creators of Hammerfall? They're thieving dicks, and need to be universally recognized as such.

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