bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Hammering away

Oh, the puns, they flow like molten lead over the castle walls...

So, as a way of making sure that Hammerfall's lamer attempt at continuing to infringe on other people's copyright is as full of glorious fail as it should's some proof.

Here's Melissa's piece in use, in the game:

Now, here's a movie showing the infringing work in Dennis Kimbell's photobucket account, from 20x20 to 200x200 pixels...mmm...tasty, tasty douchecrumpets. Note the lurvely Photobucket URLs too:

YouTube to the rescue! (Holy Christ, but YouTube fucks up the quality. Here's the link to the better version.) even if Dennis tries to play switcheroo with the files, here's the proof that he was stealing art for his own, (i'm sure) copyrighted work. Asshole.

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