bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

So glad I left

Every once in a while, I think to myself, "Self, you should rejoin metaquotes, it's not a bad community after all"

Then I have some reason to read the comments, and I remember why I left, and holy fuckoly, am I glad I did. Like the recent dramaaaaady, caused by benkenobigal metaquoting a really awful joke I made.

Yes, I know. It's tacky. It's kinda icky. Yes, I'm well aware the woman had a C-Section, and therefore her yoni, her womanly well, her source of female power, the only good force in the universe is unharmed.




What I love is that the same people who are calling me sexist, et al for saying, and I quote myself:
I bet that if she spreads her legs too quickly, she sucks her underwear halfway up to her ovaries.

Feel free to titter away at jokes about the Duggar family's humpteen kids and various "Holy shit, it's a vagina not a clown car". In the spirit of the same kind of picayune shit the metaquotes dillholes are employing, I'll point out that Mrs. Duggar had those kids one at a time, not in groups of eight, and therefore, the clown car metaphor DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING APPLY TO HER, YOU FUCKING DINGALINGS.

It actually applies more, in spite of the c-section, to Ms. Suleman, who had eight kids at once, and therefore had a LOT OF PEOPLE in a VERY SMALL SPACE...just like a fucking clown car.

If you're going to rag on MY metaphor, don't misapply one yourself.

Oh, and for the "some things aren't funny crowd?"

<carlin>Fuck you</carlin>

It's all funny. Rape, incest, you name it, there's something funny about it. 9/11? That's funny too, bitches! I'd say they all have sore pussies, but I don't think they've had another human near that area without money being exchanged in decades.

O noes, I made a sloppy pussy joke. Shit, that's nothing. You want bad sexist jokes?

What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, you already done told her twice.
What's the difference between a dog and a woman? The dog learns if you beat it hard enough.
Why is sex with a sheep better than sex with a woman? At least the sheep is quiet after you eat it.
Why is a woman's pussy and asshole so close together? So after the roofies kick in, you can carry her home like a six-pack.
Why are there necrophiliacs? They finally got the bitch to shut up, why get rid of her now?
What do you call that thing you wipe your dick off on after you get done jacking off? "Honey".
What's the correct way to ask your woman for a blowjob? Ask?

And that's just two minutes worth. They can get a lot worse.

Now, while people are having their little, "SEE! HE'S REALLY A MYSOGONIST", those of you who are sane will realize that civilization didn't collapse, nor are men roaming the streets dragging women by the hair.

Did your house burn down?
Did you lose the right to vote?
Did you have to quit your job so you can make babies?
Were you gang-raped by circus midgets wearing Man Coulter masks?


Of COURSE it was tacky and icky, I knew that when I posted it. What I love are the "more feminist than thou" crowd acting like that joke, or (most likely), the ones I just posted, are somehow great assaults on women, or an attitude that needs correcting. Get over yourselves. Shouldn't you be, you know, working to correct real problems instead of spazzing out on metaquotes? Oh wait, LJ, never mind.

So to benkenobigal, unleashedfreak, veronica_rich, lillyluna and the others who get tacky, icky, tasteless humor, I'm sorry you got sucked in to that draaaaaamedy. But you're welcome here anytime, it's all good.

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