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you can keep your Bowie areas and your Godsmack weiners.

This is the best sex on the web:

"How Krispy Kremes Work"

I mean listen to these quotes:

"As the conveyer belt carries the dough through the proof box, the yeast transforms the dough from a thin ring to a full size, puffed-up doughnut. When the doughnut has fully expanded, it's ready to be cooked."

I know that when I'm fully expanded, I'm ready to be cooked.

" The conveyer belt tips each doughnut tray over at the end of the proofer run, dropping the doughnuts onto another conveyer belt that takes them through the rest of the preparation process. The second conveyer belt and the proofer belt are connected by a gear train so they'll always move in unison."

MMmmm...such...synchronization...I always wanted to experience a proofer running in unison

" The final step for doughnuts sold in the store is glazing. The glaze is a mixture of sugar, milk and other ingredients. Bakers prepare the glaze in a large mixing container and then pump it out to the glazing waterfall reservoir. Another pump draws glaze up from the reservoir to the top of the waterfall, where it falls down over the doughnuts on the conveyer belt. As each doughnut passes through the waterfall, it's completely coated in glaze."

My god, it''s...DOUGHNUT BUKAKKE!!!...and I'm drooling.

But they aren't done yet...

"The long, slow ride (it lasts about 40 minutes) gives the doughnuts plenty of time to cool before they're packed in boxes and on trays for delivery. This is an important step in the process -- packing hot doughnuts immediately would simply be too messy."

Jesus...why not just call it spooge? And there's the whole use of "glazed doughnut" to refer to a woman's face post - bukakke

"At the filling station, the bakers pour filling material, prepared in the Winston Salem manufacturing facility, into the tank on a pumping machine. The machine has two nozzles and a long button that pumps filling from the tank. To fill a doughnut, the bakers slide it onto one of the nozzles and push the pump button while pulling the doughnut toward them. The pump is designed to inject the doughnut with exactly the right amount of filling."

Okay, now this is just too much...I need some me time...

To paraphrase "A Christmas Story"'s the soft glow of deep - fried sex.

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