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Okay, so first, I did not even pay anything close to retail. God love Musicians Friend.

But it fits my hand far better than the Ibanez...which is still really a nice guitar, and if you're thinking of learning, that is a nice rig. (I have the black one). But the neck is just millimeters too thin to be really comfy. So, I got one that fits better.

But here it first Les Paul. It's the Worn Cherry Model. Which is really cool, because I've always had a woody for cherry.

And no, I am NOT so much of a Gibson Whore that I'd buy this one!. For ten grand, it better play itself! Even if I had proof that Page hand - carved the fucker and jizzed in the varnish, it's not worth no ten grand. Now the one he's been playing since Joe Walsh sold it to him? Sure. His double-neck? Okay. The Danelectro he uses for "Kashmir"? Without a doubt. The Strat he recorded the solo for "Stairway" with? Undubitably.

Some factory made thing with a certificate that costs an arm and a leg because Jimmy Page is a(n extremely talented and revolutionary) black hole from which no money can escape?

Bite me.

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