bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

The fun never ever ends...

So, while out doing the restocking thing at Target, poorheather and I see some verrrrrrry interesting stuff at Target

The first was a very large version of the old paper cap bombs. You know, you put a paper cap in it, throw it like a Lawn Dart, and BANG! Lots of noise and fun, no instant removal of fingers.

That wasn't the weird part.

It was the name...not Fun Bomb, or Cap Blaster. Oh no...this one had a special name...

Kracker Blaster

And on the package, a picture of a small black child stabbing at his hand with it...smiling evilly. You can almost hear what he's thinking...

Oh yeah...motherfuckin' whitey thinks he's so god-damned smart...well, I gots me a motherfucking KRACKER BLASTER...yeah...whitey's gonna be awful brown in at least one spot when I get done with him....

But wait...

There's more...

In the checkout...woman with a big checklist and a bunch of baby stuff...Okay, I think, she's going to a shower..

But then I see it...on the conveyor belt...with a drawing of a baby with a REALLY BIG SMILE...


No, that really was the actual, official name of this product...Butt Paste.

Now, what gets me is that I know how branding works. This shit isn't just decided by one guy. So somewhere, there are not one, but at least TWO companies with lots of supposedly intelligent employees...designing branding for Butt Paste, and Kracker Blaster

dear lord....

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