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fun fun fun...try it.

Abortion?:Abortion or the right to choose to have one? There's a difference. Abortion is a totally preventable procedure, but until we, as a society, pull our heads out, it's needed.
Death Penalty?:it's too expensive. Yes, yes, revenge, blah. screw that. Make them work like dogs the rest of their life. Why should a killer go free when my street has a pothole?
Prostitution?:any man who tells you he doesn't pay for sex anyway is delusional or a virgin. Let's bring it out into the open, so that it's safer all the way around.
Alcohol?:As a beverage? It's able to be used safely, but is in fact, far more harmful in terms of lives lost than any other illegal drug you can think of.
Marijuana?:It's harmless. If you want to light a plant on fire, stick it in your mouth, and inhale hot, burning gasses, be my guest. Just do it in private, 'cause I don't care
Other drugs?:depends on the drug. But if the worst thing a drug does is cause people to die, I really can't feel that's automatically bad
Gay marriage?:why should gay people get off cheap. Make them get married too.
Illegal immigrants?:there's no pat answer. So I won't give one
Smoking?:Do it in your house. Not in public, where people with asthma have to suffer your bad habit. Don't throw your goddamned butts on the road. I'm sick of that.
Drunk driving?:if you do it, have the decency to ensure you die too
Cloning?:There is SO much uninformed bullshit on this one. Under the right conditions, it's a damned good idea. Stop watching so damned much TV on this, it rots your mind
Racism?:If you have time to hate people becuase of race, you need to be working more, you have more free time than your brain can handle
Premarital sex?:where? I'll take two please
Religion?:well, if you get rid of all the religious people it's okay
The war in Iraq?:for morons, by morons, because of morons
Downloading music?:are you paying for it or stealing it. Downloading's just distribution
The legal drinking age?:how about we teach people RESPONSIBLE DRINKING, that way, we don't need this "magic spell of age" mythology
Porn?:yes please
Suicide?:only if you have no one to leave behind

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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