bynkii (bynkii) wrote,

Not my fault, but I still felt bad

So friday, i'm in a music store near the office.

They have the (eminently sensible) policy that all bags must be checked. Hokay, here you go, it's heavy.

I walk around a bit, check it out, go to leave. I set of the sensors at the door.

"Sir, we need to check your bag."

"Hokay" (I didn't steal anything, no big deal, she's doing her job, and politely too.)

I go in and start opening pockets, manager and girl stare in horror. For my bag is a complete network support rig. Laptop, power supply, battery, power cable for iPot, network cables, firewire cables a Newton 2000, usb cables, adaptors, and on and on..and that's just the main pocket.

it would take them hours to really search it. They decide that I should walk through sans bag, because the bag has enough electronics to reprogram their alarm system.

no beep, all is good. They apologize, I tell them to think nothing of it, and go on my merry way.

But the look of horror on their faces when they realized that I had wwwwaaaaaaaay to much electronics...priceless.

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