October 27th, 2003

monk john

Proof that God is real...and Male..


As God is my witness, I pledge to work tirelessly for the rest of my life to
ensure that no woman shall ever need fear the horrors of breast cancer
again. I ask my fellow men, my brothers of the y chromosome to join with me in this quest.

For too long my brothers, for far too long, the women of the world have had
to fear their own bodies turning against them! For too long, the parts of
their bodies that nourished the life they bring into the world have been the
cause of their doom, the cause of a slow, lingering death, requiring a remedy that
is sometimes not much better than the thing that it prevents.

But no longer must we stand idly by, only able to provide moral support, to
hold them in their hour of need, to be there for them, but never able to do
anything about it.

No longer my brothers! At long last, the weapon that will slay this beast,
the mighty sword that will slay this dragon is in our hands! Can we not rise
to this occasion? Can we not grab this sword with a mighty grip, and thrust
it deep into the beast, at last slaying it forever?

I say we must...it is our solemn duty to remove the scourge of breast cancer
from the world.

Join me my brothers! in creating a new day for the women we love! Join me in creating a world where breast cancer is a footnote in a dusty medical journal...Join me! And together, we will create this world together!

True men, can do no less.
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