March 29th, 2004

monk john

Things you just have to hear...

In reference to my previous post...

poorheather: "I'm glad you think i'm good but I really suck at the guitar."

Me: "Not from what I can tell, and I know what good guitar sounds like"

poorheather: "Just last night I was bored, so I taught myself the opening to "Voodoo Child" and I could barely get the chord changes right"

Me: " let's analyze SUCK, but you taught yourself to play HENDRIX, last NIGHT because you were BORED, and the reason you suck is because the chords are a LITTLE tricky?"

poorheather: "Well I was in a cover band, that's what we did..."

Me: "Okay, so "sucks" and "teaching myself Hendrix because I was bored" SO don't go together."

some days, you just want a tape recorder ;-)
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