May 14th, 2004

monk john

oh crud...

So Moveable Type 3 is going to cost money.

Now, I like my current version. I don't HAVE to upgrade. But were I to upgrade, this would cost me between $120 and $150. And honestly, MT is not a product that has this level of quality.

The install


The documentation is on the shoddy side, and it's tedious to do certain things.

But if it's free, oh well, it's free.

If I have to pay, I become less willing to do the dev's work for them.


What would be another choice?

With the following requirements:

1) Import my old stuff. If I have to retype, no way Jose
2) Use my old style sheets. Again, I'm not redoing this crap.
3) it has to run on OS X and FreeBSD
4) It has to support ecto