September 20th, 2004

monk john

A song about the internet

Come friends, let's all have a sing along about the Internet!

Hokay, so update here...the song is actually called, "The Internet is for Porn", and is from Avenue Q, a really kickin' musical, that's totally demented.

The song is legally available from the iTunes Music Store, so that's the link to it now. No, I didn't know what it was from when I posted the link, but now that I do, i'm posting a proper link.

By the way, RIAA jackasses? If I hadn't gotten the chance to hear the song "illegally" then I wouldn't have ever found out about this musical. I can say with absolute proof that along with my own iTMS purchases, a friend of mine bought the whole soundtrack, because I posted that song.

oh wait, that never happens.