December 11th, 2004

monk john

quick one

While watching the trainwreck that is Destiny's Child cover of "Baby Boy" by Beyonce with poorheather, some comments:

"Destiny's Child has had so many members that they have their own HR department"

"What was the meeting on this song like? Okay, so I know you two think you're talented and all, but face it, it's all about Beyonce, so you'll sing her stuff because people actually like it. Oh here's a check, go away."

"Holy shit, ANOTHER Destiny's Child? What, LA Reid got himself a cloning machine? How many Destiny's Child does it take to make a video? The world may never know"

"Oh yeah, the third one. She's the one you can't take anywhere because she can't dress herself and she can't sing"

Christ...this video is where Kelly Rowlands and the other one learn that they are just Beyonce's Backup, and to shut up and take the checks.