January 28th, 2005

monk john

Okay, so this is SO cool

Well, if you're a fan of "The Destroyer"...Out of all the Hindu pantheon I am....

You are like Lord Shiva. He is a God who works in
two ways. He is responsible for both in the
form of death and destruction and in a positive
way he has the sense of shedding old bad
habits. He is self-controlled and celibate. You
are stongly religious like Lord Shiva and you
can obtain yourself to a proper level in your
life. You are able to keep yourslef
undercontroll and by this you are probably very
popular and not hated or disliked by others
because of your bright ways.

What Hindu God or Goddess are you like?
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Of course, now I'm going to have Remo's mantra in my head for the next week..."I AM SHIVA, THE DESTROYER! DEATH! THE SHATTERER OF WORLDS! WHO IS THIS DOGMEAT THAT STANDS BEFORE ME?"