August 21st, 2005

monk john

I don't care what time it is, I'm still not awake yet

Why is it, when you're tired and say "Damn, I'm not awake yet" after saying something stupid due to not being awake yet, do people tell you the time, as if that will make you magically awake?

Microwave:"Ding, ding, I'm about cleaning me..."
Me: "Alex, your...whatever you were cooking is done"
poorheather: "That would be 'ravioli'"
Me: "I'm not awake yet"
poorheather: "It's 7 at night"
Me: "Well BULLY FOR TIME. What does the current time value have to do with me still being half asleep? Why do people say this? It doesn't make me magically awake. It doesn't really matter. I'm bloody tired, and the fact that it is seven o'clock at night has humpty-fucking-nothing to do with that."
poorheather: "Okay're not awake"

Really...if I'm really really tired, then telling me the time is like telling someone engaged in a search for something "It's in the last place you put it"...and likely to get you a rather rude gesture.