December 5th, 2005

monk john

Just because I need to prove something occaisionally...

No, no, nothing all penis-y or stupid like that.

It's just that sometimes, it's nice to be reminded that no, it's not me, it's the genetics. There's a reason for my randomly batshit - insane behavior...and it's not just me. Take Andrew Welch, head of Ambrosia Software, geek, and all - around nice guy...a VERY BIG nice guy...who has a brother named John that looks a lot like me. It makes for fun at Macworld Expo.

I think there's the "I wonder..." gene, and in the Welch's dominant and fucking stupid. It's not always on, but every so often, a Welch says to themselves..."I wonder what would happen if...". If you are dating a Welch of either sex, and they get that look, hide the breakables and anything you value until it goes away.

How stupid can it get you ask?

This Stupid: TOBACCOCCINO!!!