December 18th, 2005

monk john

Bush speaks

He admits that there were no weapons and that much of the intelligence was wrong, but it was right to remove him from power.

Okay, Hussein didn't like us, so what.

No, his power to cause harm is not gone dumbass, it's just limited.

oh christ, why bother, he's just running a PR speech to drive up his fuckin' poll numbers


SACRIFICE? Where's HIS SACRIFICE? I don't see his family sacrificing shit. Where're the kids of all these fuckin' chickenhawks? How many of their kids are getting shot, killed, and blown up?

I bet it's a real low fuckin' number.

What a fucking scumbag.

He hasn't heard our disagreement. He never listened to anyone that didn't tongue his ass.

He DARES request shit from me? FUCK OFF.

Hey, how's Cindy Sheehan, since you're talking to parents.

Amazing how he doesn't mention women in uniform.

What consequences is he accepting? Where are his losses? What a fuckin' hypocrite. What a god-damned cowardly asshole.

But I do note that he pitched for more money, and guess where it's coming from? Yeah, that's right poor people, no Medicaid for you, no food for you, no housing for you.