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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
10:04 pm: GAAAH!
07:02 pm: It really is the size of the fight in the dog... - 1 comment
07:04 pm: Yaaaaay, they're doing the right thing!
07:07 pm: My entries... - 1 comment
07:07 pm: To every one who keeps wanting "killer" features..
07:10 pm: No, I haven't gone on a posting jag
11:29 pm: Sharing content between blogs in ecto
07:47 am: Tim O'Reilly has lost his mind, and is taking others with him on the trip
09:54 pm: Dear somewhat confused people...
06:25 am: Dear people nattering on about how the Wii doesn't have enough power - 2 comments
06:18 am: I know, I know, it's another link to Explosm...
04:33 pm: Why the ACLU is important
10:33 am: Apple delays Leopard - 1 comment
09:05 pm: I wonder how this will change things - 1 comment
12:20 pm: If I had an "official" comment policy
01:35 pm: Oh dear lord, it's getting worse.
08:55 am: The BBC is going to support Macs
04:30 pm: March NPD Game Console Sales figures - 1 comment
12:07 pm: Got a Wii
02:18 pm: Dear god no
02:53 pm: Poor David Maynor, can't get a break
04:35 pm: So much for "the anonymity of the internet" being the problem
01:43 pm: Sadly predictable
04:40 pm: Are you even a LITTLE afraid there's a hell?
01:28 pm: Since I can't comment on Mike Harsh's Blog
10:34 pm: What the?