April 9th, 2007

monk john

Tim O'Reilly has lost his mind, and is taking others with him on the trip

Okay, look, Kathy Sierra got attacked, and (for her), it was pretty traumatic. But of course, whenever you have "teh draaaamaaah" and the blogger lynch mob out lookin' for a neck to fit a rope, (oh, and the irony of the blogger lynch mob? When one of the images that disturbed Kathy so much was...her neck in a rope? If it was any richer, it would have frosting), eventually, they're going to need to fulfill the "WE MUST DO SOMETHING" impulse. After all, why have the rope if you aren't going to use it.

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This is just panic. Tim and the others got a reminder that the world is not good nor bad, and in the end, doesn't give a fuck about you or your self-esteem, and they're trying to repair their shattered worldview. Unfortunately, they're trying to do it all over everyone who don't allow others to be the source of their self-esteem. Life isn't fair, and no, you aren't unique at all. In fact, on a cosmic scale, we're all pretty insignificant. If you can't accept that truth, then badge away, but don't be surprised when nothing changes.

Shit, who am I kidding, of course they'll be surprised when reality doesn't change to suit their desires. If they weren't, then we wouldn't have this badge bullshit in the first place.
monk john

Dear somewhat confused people...

Just to clear this up:

I can respect your opinion, your right to said opinion, your right to promulgate said opinion, you as a fully functional human being, even when I disagree with the very same opinion, and say that I think it is doing evil things to my bullshit detector.

I can say that I think a particular viewpoint is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever said/written/pantomimed/performed as interpretive dance, and still not think you are less than a fully functional human being.

Disagreement != attack on your personhood.

Seriously, just because I think you're full of shit in a given instance, that's not the same as me belittling you as a person. If you really and truly think that to respect your opinion, I must agree with it, then I would...respectfully...suggest you look into getting your heads removed from your asses, as the lack of oxygen is fuckin' up your thought process.