April 20th, 2007

monk john

The BBC is going to support Macs

From this article, and stealing, yet again from M. Gruber, albeit on a smaller scale...

The BBC said it planned to offer the service first on computers running the Windows operating system and then on cable TV and other platforms such as Apple Macs, media centre PCs and smart handheld devices, such as mobiles or PDAs.
The only thing we use in the halls of power is Windows, but we understand that the little people using other things have money too.
"Once we've done all that, we'll turn to the really tricky platforms: DTT via either PVRs or IP hybrid boxes."
If we're lucky, we'll just sell them all XBox 360s, and sucker talk them into tossing their Tivos for that
The BBC's plans for the iPlayer were put on hold earlier this year after its regulators, the BBC Trust, asked the corporation to look at whether the iPlayer should be platform agnostic.
Oh, how I long for the old days when America was a colony, and the rabble was too busy dying from the plague to be worth listening to.
Mr Highfield said Apple's "proprietary and closed framework for digital rights management gives us headaches,"
Apple won't fellate us every time we drop trou.
but, "it is one of our top priorities to re-engineer our proposed BBC iPlayer service to work on Macs".
Are you sure we can't just execute the lot?
monk john

March NPD Game Console Sales figures

So the March NPD numbers are out, and contrary to what some thought, sales were still strong. There was however one small shift in the standings with regard to who was number one amongst the consoles. (Note, I'm ignoring the DS and PSP numbers. Suffice it to say, the DS pwn3 all)

PS2: 280,000
Wii: 259,000
Xbox 360: 199,000
PS3: 130,000

Compared to February's numbers, how did the consoles do?

PS2: Down about 6% from Feb.
Wii: Down about 23% from Feb.
Xbox 360: Down about 13% from Feb.
PS 3: Up about 2% from Feb.

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