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May 11th, 2007 - Schadenfreude is my life — LiveJournal
...because Misanthropy is FUN
Normally, I tend to ignore lawsuits against Apple, because well, they're lawsuits. I mean, they happen, it's a fact of life, especially for a company like Apple. As well, outside of ones that fall into areas I at least understand, most lawsuits are pretty Byzantine, and I'm not anything close to a lawyer.

But every once in a while you see something that when you read it, makes you actively doubt your sanity. And your sight. Because as you're reading it, you're thinking "I cannot be reading this. I have gone insane, and I am off in Wonderland. Any moment, I shall see an semi-invisible cat." Because that's the only explanation. You're nuts. It's either that or the people making the words you're reading are just...either insane or so clueless as to appear insane. It's Clarkian, in a way.

Wherein Hank Risan tries to make us all as batshit insane as he is.Collapse )
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