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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
Oh wait, no, they aren't.

Engadget can't even admit that they got what looked juicy, and instead of taking the steps to verify it, or even QUESTION it, they published it. Great fact checking folks. Hearst would be proud. I love this bit of justification that makes this a non-apology:
Here's the story. A trustworthy source supplied us with an actual internal Apple email that went out to thousands of Apple employees earlier today (published after the break). The fact that this was an email sent within Apple's internal email system to its employees is not in question. Let us reiterate: this was an ACTUAL email distributed within Apple's internal email system to Apple employees.

Somehow, I doubt Engadget's ever going to publicize their rigorous verification methods that proved the legitimacy of a fakeout beyond doubt. In fact, I'd love to know how they can prove without doubt where any email originates from, without chance of fakery. If they have such a system, they're about to become very, very, rich.

Good job.


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Okay, so I'm beginning to think the entire "blogosphere" needs to be smacked.

The latest bit of stupid? Well, let me quote from Mary Jo Foley, (who should know better):
Ironically, Microsoft’s latest move in its Open XML-ODF chess game comes the same week that Microsoft admitted that it is delaying the delivery of converters needed by existing Mac Office users to read Microsoft’s Open XML formats that are baked into Office 2007.

But checking facts is harrrrrrrd!Collapse )
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