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June 2007 - Schadenfreude is my life — LiveJournal
...because Misanthropy is FUN
09:36 pm: Dear Insecure Attention Whores...
10:04 pm: You know you're atypical when... - 3 comments
10:37 pm: Yeah, that's more right than not... - 3 comments
11:21 am: You think *I'M* snide and sarcastic? - 2 comments
04:30 pm: I say this *as* a parent
11:02 pm: On ZFS as the default file system in Leopard
11:38 am: The Mac BU has a new boss
11:57 am: What I want to see in Leopard
03:05 pm: An Entourage Backup Trick
03:05 pm: May NPD Game Console Sales Figures
01:43 pm: Being right is so much fun - 2 comments
06:16 pm: It's "kick the IT guy" season again - 1 comment
11:20 am: A quick "Airplane Mode" script
11:16 am: Yet another nail in the "Bloggers are Real Journalists" coffin
04:00 pm: Okay, the stupid is getting critical...
10:29 am: A solid reason to use Google Desktop
09:31 pm: Some quick thoughts on getting an iPhone