June 20th, 2007

monk john

An Entourage Backup Trick

So last night, I was talking to some folks at Dave's about Entourage, and of course the big complaint, which is "Entourage is hard to back up, why don't they use separate files...". Well, setting aside the fact that backing up databases just suck, and there's really no good way to do it, even at the high end. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, doesn't matter, backing things that base themselves on really large files that change in minor ways a lot just sucks.

However, there are ways to deal with Entourage's data that will help it to not suck. Now, this will not get you a perfect restore. For that, you really do need to back up the database. However, it should allow you to perhaps back it up less often.

The trick? Enable Sync Services in Entourage via Preferences:Sync Services. When you do that, Entourage syncs Contacts, Events, Tasks and Notes into the Truth, so that it can be then sync'd with other applications. So backing up those applications, along with the Sync Services data will allow you to restore that information into Entourage should you have to blow out the Entourage database. The bugaboo here is mail. The only way to really back up mail is to have it live on the server, ala IMAP or Exchange, and that can be a pain for a lot of organizations. The only way other than that to really deal with it is to export your mail every so often. It's not as mindless as Sync Services, but it's better than nothing.

So, there, a quickie on another way to deal with Entourage data.
monk john

May NPD Game Console Sales Figures

Okay, so back from the WWDC, the obvious thing? Game console number polka time. Let's see how things look for game console sales in May according to NPD:

Wii: 338,278
Playstation 2: 187,765
Xbox 360: 154,932
PlayStation 3: 81,604

Comparing these to April's numbers, we get:

Wii: Down just a tish over 6%
Playstation 2: Down just over 3%
Xbox 360: Down 11%
PlayStation 3: Down about .5%

Looking at this, we see that May was essentially flat from April. Even the 360, with the greatest drop, percentage-wise, only lost 11%. Kind of a boring month really, something that Microsoft and Sony both could have done without. However, it bears noticing that the PS2's sales didn't drop off much more than they had in April, and there's still only one console system outselling it.

For those into game sales, it's worth noting that the Wii and the 360 both had 4 games in the top ten for May, with the PS2 holding the other two spots.