June 28th, 2007

monk john

Yet another nail in the "Bloggers are Real Journalists" coffin

Fake Steve nails it:
What makes this delicious is that these "spokesbloggers" are the same sanctimonious twats who are constantly spouting bullshit about the glories of "citizen journalism" and patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves for being so much more ethical and independent than the dreaded "Mainstream Media." Riiiiight. That anyway was their story a few years ago. Now that they're all struggling to make money they're bent over their desks with their pants down, and it turns out they're even easier to buy off than their Old Media counterparts.

You want to know why nimrods like Winer and Scoble make me want to piss on their shoes when they go on about how bloggers are better than mainstream media, more ethical, better looking, etc.? Fake Steve's article hits it perfectly.

Although I don't think it's like a prostitute trying to say they're an escort. I think it's like a guy caught cheating in mid-stroke, and telling his wife, while he's still banging the other chick that this isn't really cheating because "she doesn't mean anything to me and I'm really drunk".

"Teh Blogosphere" can dislocate its shoulder patting itself on the back all it wants, but in the end, they're everything they accuse mainstream media of being and then some, only with shittier grammar and writing skills. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, and bloggers ain't better than mainstream media.
monk john

Okay, the stupid is getting critical...

To all the idiot pundits ragging on the iPhone for stupid shit like this:
But how about when you get a call while eating an Al Pastor burrito (elbow deep in salsa with a chip in the other hand)? So much for the million-dollar, Prada-killer finish.

No way am I keeping a truckload of KFC wipes at hand just to keep up with the elite iPhone-set, with their freshly chamoised tech nuggets.


Holy crap, is this what passes for learned critique? You could get it MESSY if you have GREASY FINGERS? Yet somehow, magically, getting that wheel on the Q all gunked up with burrito goo and chocolate won't make IT stop working? What, the Q has MAGIC FOREIGN GOO PREVENTION? A physical keyboard is magically resistant to detritus?

So many morons, me without a taser.