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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
01:57 pm: iPhone - Friendly Email Provider
09:35 am: Dracula Rests
03:07 pm: WANT NOW PLS!!!
09:26 am: If you're the right age...
09:53 am: Dumbass Du Jour
03:03 pm: The REAL dumbass du jour
02:32 pm: The Sky....it's full of stupid
09:31 am: A *good* iPhone article
03:07 pm: Oh lord, now the Exchange team is doing it
12:01 pm: Adobe: Killing you a little more every day
02:25 pm: Once a nimrod, always a nimrod
04:23 pm: Great answer to the "America is English - Only" crowd
01:38 pm: THIS is journalistic integrity?
01:47 pm: My "real" iPhone article
02:33 pm: June NPD Game Console sales - 1 comment
08:14 am: Well, whaddya know...
11:18 pm: POP, IMAP, and Yahoo Push Email, a primer