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July 3rd, 2007 - Schadenfreude is my life — LiveJournal
...because Misanthropy is FUN
It brings me no joy to note that Fred Saberhagen died on June 29th. (There is some irony to linking to his Wikipedia entry since I found out about his death on Chuqui's site, in an entry talking about how fubar'd Wikipedia is.)

I discovered Saberhagen via Omni magazine, who had published some short stories of his from his Berserker line. I can't say that I was instantly a Saberhagen fanboy, but I enjoyed them quite a lot. He came up with some rather fascinating scenarios for how life was able to fight back against its greatest threat.

However, it was The Dracula Tape, and its lesser-known cousin, The Frankenstein Papers that I ended up enjoying far more. Saberhagen broke no ground in telling a monster story from the monster's point of view, (Grendel by John Gardner beat him to that by a few years.) But he told Dracula's side with panache and style, and a voice that was completely believable as that of Vlad Tepes. True, the rest of the series was a bit hit and miss, (Sherlock Holmes is Dracula's nephew in some bizarre way), and sometimes stretched a bit thin, (Fighting Morgan Le Fay on a frozen Lake Michigan in Chicago), but even in its weaker moments, Saberhagen kept Dracula from getting too silly as a character. That alone makes that series a highly enjoyable read.

So goodbye Fred, you'll be missed.

I think that's one of the downsides of getting older...you see the people who created what you love dying off.
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Yes, I will pay far too much for tickets to a Zeppelin reunion tour. I know it's only a possibility, but I'll take what I can get.
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