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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
03:08 pm: On single-sourcing
03:47 pm: Santa Claus as a management example
02:25 pm: Like lipstick on a pig
07:59 am: A response to the techno-retarded - 1 comment
03:33 pm: Even more of a dingaling than Enderle
03:35 pm: Apple announces new iMacs and iWork '08...The Ugly
07:57 am: Why it was the stupidest question ever - 1 comment
10:30 am: Universal acting like 5 year olds
04:02 pm: A quick one
04:12 pm: Some praise for the Kansas City MO Apple Store
01:01 pm: Wait...what?
10:15 pm: I know it's petty...
06:32 am: I now have a child attending high school - 6 comments
10:07 am: Something I've never heard of before...
02:06 pm: In the "clues for the clueless file"...
02:42 pm: Is anyone really surprised that
02:57 pm: Dear Smokers
09:28 pm: The "joys" of being a black belt
12:08 am: Web browsers are all retarded, and their developers suck
10:46 am: Well that makes sense...NOT!
12:02 pm: Hilarious Dumbass Du Jour - 1 comment
01:30 pm: Hey VMWare! - 1 comment
03:37 pm: Wow, Pages is SO STABLE
10:57 pm: July NPD Game Console Sales
04:27 pm: And now, a moment of squee
04:40 pm: The funniest web comic I've seen in ages
01:35 pm: Is Six Apart actually stupid, or just acting stupid?
02:12 pm: Oh no, no, it's not racial profiling, it's just suspicious to speak arabic... - 6 comments
12:05 pm: To all the people hosing their iPhones because hardware mods are hard...
01:28 pm: iToner 1.0 is out