August 30th, 2007

monk john

Is Six Apart actually stupid, or just acting stupid?

(Much thanks to Sara for this info) So I understand that LiveJournal has possibly a worse rep than MySpace, but now, Six Apart has a fun new idea, and I really think they're just trying to shut LJ down.

It's not a completely off the wall concept. First, the only integration between MovableType and LJ has come from third parties. To be honest, if you want good integration with LJ, use WordPress. Yeah. That's what I said: if you want good integration with a Six Apart product, by no means should you use Movable Type, another Six Apart product. You should instead use their biggest competitor. Note that a major new version of Movable Type, almost a complete re-write was just released. Still no LJ integration beyond one third party, bare-bones cross-post plugin. Holy Chewbacca Defense Batman! Of course, they don't have any better support for Vox. Obviously, integration is not high on their list. Doofuses.

But back to the real problem at hand. Let's see if I get this straight. I link to something in 2003. At that time, it was...okay, a Mac site, for example. 2007 comes along, someone buys that domain, and turns it into a goatse site. My link hasn't changed, but as far as Six Apart is concerned, I deliberately linked to the goatse sight? So now everyone has to continutally monitor every link they've ever had in an LJ entry? Is this what passes for logical policy? Somehow, I doubt logic had anything to do with it, as this reeks of completely impractical CYA bullshit on Six Apart's part. Unless LJ wants to give its users a search functionality that a) isn't complete crap, and b) lets them search only for entries with hyperlinks in them, that aren't internal to LiveJournal, this is basically creating a situation where you will fear to include any links in your journal, because if they change to something against Six Apart's policies four years after you first posted them, then you're treated as though you made those links with full knowledge that they'd change in four years to something inappropriate.

Just as a tip to Six Apart: Policies that require people to accurately predict the future are what most would call...what's the word...oh yeah, now I remember:


This is not the way to go if Six Apart wants LiveJournal to thrive. If however, they want it to die a slow, embarrassing death, they're totally nailing that. It's been obvious for years that LJ is the red-headed stepchild in Six Apart's stable, but if they really hate it that much, just sell the damned thing to someone who doesn't hate it.
monk john

Oh no, no, it's not racial profiling, it's just suspicious to speak arabic...

...especially if you're an arabic instructor on your way home after teaching Marines how to speak arabic.

Because as we all know, terrorist only speak arabic. Why, there's never been a building blown up by anyone who spoke any other language, right? Arabic == Terrorist.

And people think that Miss Teen South Carolina is somehow uncommonly stupid. But I bet she does great on federally mandated standardized tests. No Child Left Behind has just totally reformed our educational system. Woo-hoo.

I do love this paragraph from the language log post:
It isn't surprising that hearing Arabic might make a passenger wonder, but you'd think that a moment's thought would overcome the impulse to notify the authorities in the absence of additional, more suspicious, behaviour. Indeed, insofar as the systems for detecting weapons and explosives work, there isn't really any reason not to allow people who actually do have terrorist sympathies to fly. As long as you know he has no weapons or explosives, you could let Osama bin Laden on the plane. I'd rather have him as a seatmate than many others - at least he doesn't drink.

A clue...speaking arabic no more means you're a terrorist than having a southern accent means that your sibling and your spouse are the same person, or that you and your father can both talk about what it's like to bang your mother. Seriously.