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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
10:47 pm: It must be said...
07:53 am: Don't look that way, look over here!
11:09 am: No, HackMac, this is not in fact, a bug
04:03 pm: On the iPod/iPhone announcement - 2 comments
10:02 pm: What a good design gets you
06:40 am: You just KNOW Lenny Bruce is laughing his ass off at this - 6 comments
01:46 pm: To everyone who thinks Apple owes them money because the iPhone price dropped - 2 comments
01:17 am: Deja Vu all over again - 3 comments
03:28 pm: Mike Elgan needs a new thinkin' brain - 40 comments
01:05 pm: I know I'm totally alone on this...
04:03 pm: I am evidently a favorite amongst the rabble
12:32 am: Ponytail boy has that thing pulled way too tight
05:13 pm: Just say no to ComputerWorld Mac articles
05:25 pm: DB2 == Teh Suck
02:27 pm: Bitchin' is totally Bitchin' - 1 comment
02:27 pm: Yet another reason I wish I'd been born British
03:06 pm: On the DOJ's reaction to the EC's victory over Microsoft - 1 comment
03:14 pm: Could someone please give the Acrobat team a clue? - 3 comments
10:08 pm: August NPD Game Console Sales