September 6th, 2007

monk john

You just KNOW Lenny Bruce is laughing his ass off at this

Eddie Griffin's show halted because he said "nigger" during his stand-up routine.

Yay, the home of the free and the land of the brave now has an actual list of BANNED WORDS. See kids, it's not just right wing fundie fanatics crapping on the spirit of the Constitution, that's a game we all can play!

Even better, now we'll have to put up with weeks of apologies and Oprah because of this, just wait.
monk john

To everyone who thinks Apple owes them money because the iPhone price dropped

Whine a little louder, the starving people in Darfur can't hear you.

To those of you wondering why my misanthropic tendencies are so well-developed? Shit like "YOU DROPPED THE PRICE, WE DESERVE MONEEEE" is why. I hate entitlement queens, and MacMacs are the worst of all.

Every.Single.Complaint resolves to "Waaah, I want my $200 because I couldn't wait, WAAAAH"

Fucking crybabies. Get bent all of you, and eat glass.