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September 19th, 2007 - Schadenfreude is my life — LiveJournal
...because Misanthropy is FUN
Stephen Fry has a blog. Yes, that Stephen Fry.

But that's minor. What is important is that he states everything I dislike about Windows Mobile and Windows so much better than I, that I am greener than a cucumber at how well he uses his native language:
Windows for Mobiles is certainly better than Windows for PCs or, God help us all, Vista, but it is still an insulting offering. The feeling, as with all things Microsoft, is that all design features and functions are there to suit MS rather than to delight, enthuse and compel the user. Compromise, short-cuts, inconveniences, vestigial residues - no one responsible is likely to pat themselves on the back for the design or the s’ware engineering, any more than the architect or project manager of a 60s council flat is likely to point it out with pride as he rides by with his grandchildren. You’re only on this planet once – do something extraordinary, imaginative and inspiring. That’s the difference, ultimately. Those behind Palm OS and the Psion can justifiably be proud of what they did, what they created. WinMob just muscled in on a market they never spotted and they did it in a clumsy, bullying, ugly manner, exactly as they had with Windows before, and exactly as IBM had with the PC itself a decade earlier. Break free, all you corporate software engineers and designers: the excuse that you are under the rule of dullards, greedy share-price number crunchers and visually and ergonomically illiterate yahoos is not good enough. Persuade them. Otherwise we all get a digital environment that’s a vile as a 60s housing estate.
That's why Americans hate the British. The bastards took their language skills with them when they left. Greedy is what it is. Just greedy.
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So Thomas O. Barnett and the DOJ are kinda snarked that the EC had it's own ideas on how to deal with Microsoft.

Goddamnit, if I have to spend all my time swallowing corporate choad, why should you get out of it?
I guess fellating big business isn't so cool when you're the only one doing it.
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