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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
11:03 pm: Sherman, fire Up the Contrarian machine - 1 comment
10:25 pm: Ballmer Envisions A New Course For Microsoft
10:54 pm: Frozen Jesus on a Stick
04:26 pm: America: Land of the stupid - 1 comment
12:58 pm: It's the end of the world as we know it...
12:58 pm: Stupidity in large numbers doesn't equal smart
12:59 pm: It was as though the voices of a billion pundits cried out, and were silenced
12:59 pm: Some days, the proof just writes itself - 2 comments
09:08 am: Well? Where's my HDTV Epiphany? - 4 comments
04:05 pm: September NPD Game Console Sales
05:55 am: This is why Google succeeds
10:47 am: I want an I.Q. test for Leopard
01:20 pm: Gmail IMAP and Microsoft Entourage (and the iPhone too)