October 25th, 2007

monk john

This is why Google succeeds

From an article on eWeek, about the Interop keynote delivered by Matt Glotzbach, Product Management Director for Google Enterprise:
"At Google, we really focus on failing wisely," Glotzbach said, noting that it's common at Google for programmers to create a feature and get it out online for testing in a few weeks. "There is no penalty for failure. In fact we encourage it because if you're not failing it means you're probably not trying."
If Google doesn't fear failing, they have removed the most serious barrier to success.

Another quote:
In another example, Glotzbach told the audience Google encourages its employees to use 20 percent of their time, or one day a week, to work on projects outside of their normal everyday workflow. Gmail and Google News both came from this approach, he note
Somehow, I don't see that happening at Microsoft.

As long as Google operates like this, they're going to continue to kick ass.

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