October 27th, 2007

monk john

I want an I.Q. test for Leopard

a wee bit of paraphrasing...but not much

I need <software> for my business, it's critical, but the vendor said it's incompatible with Leopard/it hasn't been tested on Leopard. However, I upgraded anyway, because the magical MacUpgradeFairies will protect me, and they DIDN'T. Now, <software> crashes, and I can't get work done. What do I do, and why did Steve Jobs kill the MacUpgradeFairies??? Why does Steve hate magical creatures? DAMN YOU STEVE JOBS! DAMN YOU TO HELL!
It's simple really: you're too stupid to own a computer. Email me, and I'll pay to have all your computer gear UPS'd to me, where I can give it to someone who is smart enough to use a computer, but cannot afford one.

In return, you'll get a pretty rubber ball with sparkles. Go on boy, catch the ball. Here we go, catch...aww, well, keep practicing, I'm sure you'll get better.

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monk john

Gmail IMAP and Microsoft Entourage (and the iPhone too)

Just a tip:

When setting up the account info, most if it is pretty straightforward, in that you do what Google says to do for "other email clients".

The only additional bit is that in the account options, you want to set the Root Folder to [Gmail].

it would appear this tip makes things nicer on the iPhone too.

From the account info, Gmail supports IDLE, but not UIDPLUS.

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