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Schadenfreude is my life
...because Misanthropy is FUN
05:14 pm: I now understand why people buy Ferraris - 1 comment
01:20 pm: Oh that's going to leave a mark
01:10 pm: OOOoookay...
12:20 am: C'mon crybaby, squirt a few
12:46 am: Just when I thought I wouldn't need the taser...
05:14 pm: I hearby declare...
11:26 pm: You know what?
11:26 pm: Ass-Raped by "The Deciderer" again
11:29 pm: So I wonder when
08:07 pm: My taser finger is gettin' a blister
08:08 pm: So many nimrods, so few tasers
11:34 pm: Blogs that aren't inane tech sites
11:36 pm: I don't usually disagree with the Macalope
11:36 pm: Macworld Session Pimping Time
12:37 am: New Technorati Tag! - 5 comments
12:27 am: Thoughts on the Kindle and e-readers - 4 comments
02:18 pm: If only it wasn't just a stereotype
02:37 pm: Sing it Brother Harlan, Sing it!