November 9th, 2008

monk john

Twitterbomb AWAY!

  • 10:19 @ShawnKing So I guess this is a bad time to tell you that in general, the longer the cruise, the lamer it tends to be? #
  • 10:21 @ShawnKing oh yeah, they have no respect for anyone other than themselves #
  • 10:55 Watching Obama roast Rahm Emanuel...really funny #
  • 10:57 Obama is almost Bob Newhart-like in his delivery #
  • 11:47 @DaveHamilton #
  • 11:52 @DaveHamilton also #
  • 12:57 @negrino Congrats, you got a good one. I lived in Carribean Cruise central, that industry is a major part of Miami #
  • 12:58 @negrino so when people with *no* idea of how cruises work, i.e. friend who *work for cruise lines* give me tips on them... #
  • 12:58 @negrino why, I'm just stupid enough to believe them. OBVIOUSLY, that was just inane thinking on my part #
  • 13:09 @negrino yeah. Cruises are a crapshoot, and unless you do *really* careful research, snake eyes is the more common one. #
  • 13:10 @negrino the cruise lines are highly skilled at vacuuming your pockets too. I usually recommend a 2-3 day cruise for n00bs #
  • 13:11 @negrino even if it's less than stellar, it's hard to be too miserable in 3 days. It's also better training for dealing with the cruise line #
  • 13:48 @negrino @bbum I've also heard nothing but good about Disney cruises. #
  • 16:00 @DaveHamilton I figured the option of using "real" drums with Rock Band would be of some interest to you #
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