December 30th, 2008

monk john

Twitterbomb AWAY!

  • 10:09 @LesaKing why is your theoretically heterosexual husband suddenly an expert in purse organization? Has something...changed? #
  • 12:06 @Angry_Drunk because the computer industry views any real change as evil. Shit people oogle now is ten or more fucking years old #
  • 12:17 I've come to a conclusion. All video editing software sucks ass unless you're doing that shit all the time #
  • 12:17 it's still designed for people who remember cut and tape as physical tasks. I get more advanced functionality out of Text Edit #
  • 12:37 Faster Blogerati, Die, Die, DIE: #
  • 12:38 @bobtiki exactly. It's built for you. Why is select, drag and drop in video stuck back in the Wang Word Processor days of the 1980s? #
  • 12:39 @Angry_Drunk How long can it take to edit a paragraph? #
  • 12:43 @0lli but yelling at idiots makes me happy. They never reply back, they're not capable of playing really rough. They just whine & stalk off #
  • 13:09 @bobtiki it's still not as smooth as select section, drag to where you want it, let go. As well, the fine mouse control blows #
  • 13:10 @bobtiki or it's that the people in charge of the tools are still using the manual UI as their design template. #
  • 13:20 @bobtiki why would providing better mouse deceleration and a Dock magnification bubble be so hard to do? #
  • 13:20 @bobtiki if you allow the mouse to move VERY SLOW within the mag bubble, you get accuracy without the stupid zoom-zoom-zoom shit #
  • 13:21 @bobtiki and we're not talking about FCP, or even FCE. We're talking about making stuff easier for people who just want to get stuff done #
  • 13:21 @bobtiki I've 7 tapes of video, and I doubt I'll ever move them off of tape. Too much of a pain in the ass #
  • 13:34 @bobtiki I'm not surprised, it's hardly a new idea. I'm just surprised at how hard even iMovie '08 makes simple editing #
  • 13:45 @bobtiki that's not a bad description of it. I never thought Kai knew fuck all about UI #
  • 13:48 ANother nail, different coffin. This time, abstinence only sex ed and virginity pledges: #
  • 13:48 #
  • 17:00 Started to read book about Star Wars on trial for teh stupid. Started picturing myself as Daffy Duck yelling "SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM NOW!" #
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