January 1st, 2009

monk john

Twitterbomb AWAY!

  • 11:16 @Angry_Drunk amen on the photography prosumers, but they may be actually worse than audiotards #
  • 11:18 I'm with Carlin, it's time for The Suicide Channel: tinyurl.com/8prtkj #
  • 11:23 @SlyM Snow? What's that? Sounds scary #
  • 13:01 @scarynetworkguy @mdhughes @Angry_Drunk "Dear Make-A-Wish...I am dying of cancer, and an idiot. For my wish, I would like a Frogurt" #
  • 13:19 as a MA practiioner who hates the mysticism bullshit, I like this a lot: tinyurl.com/2eqttx #
  • 13:24 @Diva_Rave it was the sound of one faker crying :-) #
  • 15:48 Expense Report DONE #
  • 15:49 @GlennF oh dude, you should see the tome we have for a 2-day Power Tools session. The workbook is 374 pages #
  • 16:24 @GlennF well, a lot of it is supplemental material. In fact, most of it is. The slides are the least of it, because people see those #
  • 16:36 @LesaKing I still hold that one day, Rock Band will come out with a Zepp version. #
  • 16:37 @LesaKing it will cost $300 because of the multi-neck guitars and reinforced drum kit. #
  • 16:37 @LesaKing anyone making it through the entire release on the highest level will get a recording contract #
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