February 4th, 2009

monk john

Backpedal faster!

So a day or so ago, my wife discovers something that really pissed her off...her artwork, used without permission, in a Facebook RPG, Hammerfall.

So, being the industrious sort she is, she realizes that it's not just her. There's maaaaany artists who have been ripped off by Hammerfall. So they start going through the artwork. And emailing each other.

Okay, so here's the thing...nothing, and I mean NOTHING is as fierce as a bunch of artists who realize you've been stealing their work. So they start pointing it out to Hammerfall. Hammerfall starts trying to bullshit them about it. The money quote:
We have addressed this, we're not stupid here, all the art we used is either under creative commons license or similar, or we contacted the artists for permission, or was bought off of stock photography sites. If an artist thinks this isn't the case, please send us a message.

Oh Dennis, I beg to differ, you are stupid, and no, you in fact did not get permission for it all, nor was it creative commons/similar, nor did you contact all the artists for permission, etc.

See, here's the thing...that whole "my wife discovers something that really pissed her off...." thing? And your claim that you have the right to all the artwork you're using?










Now, maybe someone lied to you. Maybe you were mislead. But you have a community that holds a grudge for a long time, is really persnickety about their IP, contains quite a few of the artists worth paying for RPG art, and you're trying to bullshit them?

Does the phrase "Burning your bridges" mean anything?

So yeah, if y'all want to have some fun, let Mr. Kimbell know that artists aren't stupid, and they know who they license shit to.
monk john

Hammerfall Facebook RPG - Kings of the DIck Move

So now, not only are the Hammerfall people stealing art, but they're renaming stuff on their photobucket account, (where all the stolen game artwork is hosted) so that the DMCA notices don't apply.

Let's be clear...first they say "Oh we have the rights", then they CHANGE FILES AROUND so as to nullify efforts of the PEOPLE THEY STOLE THE ARTWORK FROM to make them STOP USING THE ART THEY STOLE.

These are not the actions of people who think they have clear license to things. These are the actions of fucking thieves trying to avoid getting busted.

So let's be clear: Dennis Kimbell and Mark Kimbell, the creators of Hammerfall? They're thieving dicks, and need to be universally recognized as such.

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monk john

Hammering away

Oh, the puns, they flow like molten lead over the castle walls...

So, as a way of making sure that Hammerfall's lamer attempt at continuing to infringe on other people's copyright is as full of glorious fail as it should be...here's some proof.

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Yeah...so even if Dennis tries to play switcheroo with the files, here's the proof that he was stealing art for his own, (i'm sure) copyrighted work. Asshole.

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