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Bush-Kerry 2 reasonably live.

Kerry is looking more animated

People ask questions of the candidates. The name next to the question number is who the question was directed too. It's a bit disjointed, I was typing fast, so sue me. Unedited except for obvious spelling

1) (Kerry) Are you too wishy-washy? thank you, *no*. There were no WMDs. Bush campaign is Weapon of Mass Distraction. Supports the Patriot act, but not the implementation. Supports No Child Left Behind, but Bush underfunded. "I have a plan". wants to close loopholes for outsourcing. Top 1% got 89 Billion back, he thinks that's done. (Bush) Again with the confusing signal. Pushing the flip flop. His head bobs a lot. Kerry's got that look of "Nigga Please". Bush is listing all he did. No followup

2) (Bush) You admitted no WMDs. Asking about the intent and passing on knowledge. Do you think this is a fair reason with the current state of other countries, and other countries just as dangerous? 9/11,9/11 The world changed. 75% of Al Queda. Saddam was a "unique threat". Trying to tie Al Queda to Iraq. I tried diplomacy. head Bob. Unique threat. He's getting histrionic. (Kerry) World is more dangerous because Bush made bad judgments. "The president wishes I changed my mind." Posting the entire flipflop as a distraction. Saying he opposes the rush to war, the ignorant way that it was implemented. (Bush) Bringing up the "global test". On a thin line with the sanctions weren't working. (Kerry) Oh no, they achieved their objective. He Brought up Iraq as a distraction.

3) (Kerry) US is preparing a new government in Iraq, would you proceed with the same plan? Brings up chaos. Brings up Jordan's comment about the impossibility of elections. Brings up Lugar calling the reconstruction incompetent. Brings up Hagel calling it beyond embarrassing, beyond incompetent, approaching dangerous. Pushing how Bush's binary view of "you're with us or agin' us" (Bush) I met with the Iraqi finance minister. They're all optimistic. he said he felt good until he saw our T.V. Kerry's plan is my plan. Brought up that damned wrong war statment again. He's more animated, but the same damned line. "I talk to them" He's really twisting Kerry's words. (Kerry) "The right war was Afghanistan and Tora Bora". Kerry is directly addressing Bush. (Bush) We didn't know until we got there. Saying that the war on terror is now keeping them out of WMDs. Again with the 75% of Al Queda. He's getting angry, or showboating for the crowd.

4) (Bush) How do you aim to repair relations with other countries? We're a great country, and if others don't like it, they don't understand the problem. We have to do unpopular. Kind of insinuating that Europe is to silly to get us. Bringing up the ICC in the Hague shit again. He's kind of rambling here. He hasn't said HOW we're going to do it. People loves us. You don't want a president who cares about popular. He's starting to lose his voice. (Kerry) Bringing up more of the same. Oooh...bringing up that Bush promised only to go to war with a viable exit strategy. Brings up retiring the Army COS for saying we needed more people. "He rushed to war without a plan to win the peace" He broke his word. (Bush) I asked all the generals do you have what you need. They said we did. He's getting real strident. (Kerry) You rely on the military for the military component, but you also have to win the peace. Bush didn't do it right. We didn't guard the ammo dumps and now our kids are getting killed with those weapons.

5) (Kerry) What will you do if sanctions don't work against Iran? nice segueway into Iran being more dangerous, Bush should have let the inspectors do its job. Pointing out that NK has 4-7 Nukes. Bush is controlling his reactions better. He likes this format a lot. Bringing up our own proliferation *increases*. (Bush) Poking fun at scowling. Saying that relying on the Inspectors was naive. NK...It is Naive and dangerous to do what kerry says. He's coming across real dangerous. Bringing up that Clinton's efforts somehow helped NK. Axis of Evil again. He's not scowling, but he's getting real strident.

6) (Bush) How do you propose increasing our presence without a draft. "We won't have a draft". Pointing out (correctly) that the fighting methods have changed. Bringing up that we're moving people out of Korea may backfire. He's advocating troop rotation. Technology will save us. It's VEHICLES, not VE-HICK-ELS you MORON. There will be no draft. (Kerry) I don't support a draft...listing former chairmen of the JCS that support him, and all the other military supporting him. People doing 2-3 rotations, stoploss, long term guard/reserves is a "backdoor" draft. I'm going to do what Reagan and Eisenhower. (Bush)...OMG POLAND!!!! We ain't going it alone BEEYATCH! (Kerry) eight countries have left it. If you count Mo as a country, it would be the third largest country in the coalition. Bush is foaming at the mouth.

7) (Kerry) Why haven't we been attacked, and why? Bush is saying it WILL happen again, and he's right. OMG, Bush is taking notes. Holy shit, he listened. Pointing out that terrorists are patient, and you need cooperation that we aren't getting. Pointing out the container inspection problem. Painting Bush as choosing tax cuts over safety. Bush is *pissed*...he's gonna jump. (Bush) That's nice, but we tripled the budget. Pointing out Kerry's vote to cut the Intel Budget in 1993. Both are repeating the points from the last debate. Pushing the Patriot Act. He's confusing not liking war with being unable to conduct the war correctly. Again, FLIPFLOPFLIPFLOP...(Kerry) Do you really think it's inevitable? (from the moderator) Yes...I think the president is right here. We added money, but we haven't DONE anything with it. (Bush) I'm worried a lot. If we spread USA everywhere we win.

8) (Bush) Why did you block drugs from Canada? I want to make sure Canadian drugs are safe. That's a slap on the Canadian medical system. Kind of playing on fears here, cheap shot really. He'll decide in December. There's other ways to get cheaper drugs to market, by accelerating Generics. That pause before "Missoura"...laying the accent on THICK here. He's pushing his drug plan. he's a lot calmer. (Kerry) Says that Bush was in favor of it four years ago. Bush DID block Canadian drugs. It got passed in the senate and the house, Pres. blocked it. American drugs. Points out that the Bush administration banned block purchases of drugs by Medicare. (Bush) Clinton did it too. Show me anything that Kerry did in the Yoo-Nited States senate. (Kerry) Actually, we did fix medicare in 1997, AND we Balanced the Budget, paid down the debt, and created 23 million jobs, and created HUGE debt.

9) (Kerry) How do you reconcile Edwards with lower costs? Easy, Edwards wrote the Patient Bill of Rights. He's proud of being a lawyer. He's in favor of tort reform. Points out that the lawsuits are less than 1% of the total cost of health care. Pointing out the rising costs, and the 5 million who have lost healthcare. "I have a plan..." Favors creating a separate catastrophic coverage. I have to roll back the tax cuts for greater than $200K (Bush) Kerry's more liberal than everyone. He's laying on the Texas shit heavy. all the costs are due to frivolous lawsuit. Kerry's going to put it all in the government. Liberals are bad. Rationing health care. (Kerry) Tort reform is good, but Bush is just scaring people. (Bush) You should have voted for MY plan then. Hammering his record. Them damned evil trial lawyers, it's all their fault.

10) (Bush)In four years, you have yet to veto a spending bill. There's been all this spent, and not paid for. How is your spending better? The internet bubble bursting and we're at war, that's why. But he's not really answering the question. Stylistically, he's doing better, but content still is weak. He's still believing in Reaganomics. He's going to cut the deficit he created in five years. Saying he's cut discretionary spending. Says that not spending will hurt the troops. (Kerry) Bush pretty much lied his ass off about my plan. We gave the Pres. a 5.6 trillion surplus, we now have a 2 trillion dollar deficit. this is the first time we ever did a tax cut in a time of war. The top 1% got 89 billion dollars, more than everyone else who got less thank 100K combined. He proposes the tax cut for under $200K (Bush) How are you going to cut the deficit? Look at my budget...the stock market was crashing before me. the recession is over. (Kerry) The president promised 5.6 million new jobs, we lost 1.6 million. He gave Enron 254 million in tax refund.

11) (Kerry) Can you simply promise to not increase taxes on families under 200K? Yes. Yes I can. he's taking credit for all the tax cuts. Every thing I promise, I can pay for. I'm actually asking for intelligent advice. I'm willing to cut my favorite programs to help pay for stuff. We're going back to pay as you go. John McCain's quote on the energy bill as "No lobbyist left behind". People making a lot of money are going to take it in the shorts. (Bush) He's totally not credible. "It's just not credible." Pointing out new spending is bad when you do a lot of it too. Saying that Kerry's going to raise taxes. It's what he does. He's a liberal. Bush is directly attacking. We created new jobs. (Kerry) Damnit, can someone answer the question? Bush's numbers are crapola. I'm working with McCain to shut down loopholes. I voted for a balanced budget in 1985, 1993, 1997. (Bush) You're a tax raiser! You can't hide. You're the most liberal in the Senate! LIBERAL!!! he's not duk

12) (Bush) How would you rate yourself as an environmentalist? I'm going to increase the wetlands. Stumbling badly. Listing his proposals. It sounds decent. Healthy forest bill. Clear skies. We need to harvest the forests. Bringing up the forest fires. Wanting to go back to what things were. Technology will save us. Hydrogen cars, clean coal. I'm a good steward of the land. Cleaner air, cleaner water, and it's because of Me. (Kerry) The president is living in a fantasy land. Labels are crap. TOTALLY blowing off the question. Bad. But he may have a point...fighting labels. Oh wait, he's back on the environment. If they had just left the Clean Air Act alone, we'd be doing better. Bringing up EPA heads who are resigning in protest. (Bush) If we had joined the Kyoto treaty, it would have cost jobs. The air is cleaner, that's a fact. Technology will save us. (Kerry) The Kyoto treaty was flawed, but we didn't even try to fix it. we just took our ball and went home.

13) (Kerry) How can the US be competitive when our wages have to be so much higher? Bringing up the incentives to go overseas. Saying he'll credit businesses that stay. Point by point. Healthcare. Bush doesn't have a plan to lower healthcare. bringing up how many Missourians who have lost healthcare. I *will* roll back the high end tax cut. He's not retreating from that. It's unpopular, but it's good in a way. We need to do better to create more technology grads. Brought up the mideast oil dependencies. (Bush) Medical liability reform will drop the costs. Kerry will make you go on the government dole. Bob Rubin doesn't like Kerry's plan. Using Cheney's strategy of hammering his votes. Getting wonky. Bringing up that Kerry's plan will kill small businesses. (Kerry) You can't stop ALL outsourcing, but you can create a fair playing field. He's blowing up that Small Business thing. (Bush) I own a timber company? News to me. God, yet another damned story.

14) (Bush) Why are my rights being watered down by the Patriot Act? I don't think they are being watered down. All actions take scrutiny. Kerry's smiling at this. Bush is bringing up the "safe" parts of the Patriot Act. We have to have every tool necessary to fight terrorists. He just is disagreeing. (Kerry) Bringing up all the Republicans who want to change the Patriot Act. The IG pointed out that Ashcroft had applied it incorrectly. Pointing out the infiltration issues. I voted for it. Directly attacking the flip flop. Saying that we need parts of the patriot act, but not all of it. Good response.

15) (Kerry) Embryonic stem cells? I respect your feelings and your morality. Bringing up Nancy Reagan and Michael J. Fox. bringing up a dude with Parkinson's..."Don't take away my hope." Christopher Reeve. We can do embryonic research in an ethical way. Bringing up using already frozen embryos. Very emotional here. A bit of a stumble. Bush is against this. (Bush) Embryonic Stem Cell research requires the destruction of a life, and i'm the first to allow embryonic research. They're both really saying the same thing. He's against expansion beyond the 70 lines. Pointing out the ethical problem. It's really funny how every time he says what he did, it involves spending more money. (Kerry) Bush will allow but not really. Bringning up the existing lines are inadequate. Damn, bush just jumped off the chair. (Bush) The stem cells already existed, i said no more. Saying he's balancing Science and Ethics.

16) (Bush) Supreme Court vacancy, who and why? I'm not tellin'! (Joke) Pushing strict interpretation. Bringing up the Pledge judge. Somehow that's a personal opinion - based judge. Ooh...bringing up Dred Scott. Nice one. ALthough he's wrong about the Constitution not allowing slavery. It did, very explicitly. No other litmus tests other than how they interpret the constitution (Kerry) Bush said what we need are conservative justices and he likes Scalia and Thomas. We don't need a conservative or a liberal judge. He wants the Justice Potter stance, that a good judge's decision reveals nothing about the decider other than good law. Worked in the right to choice.

17) (Kerry) How do you assure a anti-choice voter that their tax dollars won't support abortion. respect, blah, blah, I'm a devout Catholic. But I can't take an article of faith for me, and legislate that article of faith to someone who doesn't believe in it. I can talk about other choices. Bush's head just fell off. He supports sex education. He's against ideology in family planning. If we prevent unwanted pregnancy, we don't have abortion. (Bush) We won't spend money on abortion. Partial Birth Abortion support. bringing up all the standard anti-choice crap. He's saying that all his viewpoints are reasonable, and Kerry's against them. Finally bringing up better adoption law. (Kerry) You have it have exceptions to the life of the mother. I'm not going to force a kid who's been raped by her father to get permission from her father for the abortion. (Bush) It's all binary. He's in favor of it. You can run, but you can't hide.

18) (Bush) Give us three examples of a mistake you made and how you fixed it? tap...tap...tap...tap...tap...lord, he's not even TRYING to answer the questions. You're trying to sucker me into admitting Iraq was a mistake. He's saying that Hussein trying to get around the sanctions like no one else realized this. he only cops to some mistakes on appointees, but he won't name them to preserve their feelings. He TOTALLY avoided this question. (Kerry) Bush made a mistake, blah, blah, he's TOTALLY avoiding this question too. But bringing up the republicans hammering Bush and not guarding the ammo is reasonably effective. You can't use what MIGHT happen as a reason.(Bush) He voted against the money to pay for it. (Kerry) I fuxxored talking about it. I voted against it.

closing. Some humor here. They do have that bit down.

(Kerry) We both have strong convictions, and we totally disagree. I'll never let any other entity decide our policy. BUT, we need to work with people, not in spite of them, and we aren't doing that. I have a plan to kill the terrorists! I wanna KILL. I'll do Iraq better. New Credibility. A president with good judgment. I have a plan. He's explicitly being more obvious.

(Bush) Nice starting words...STOP BOBBING YOUR GODDAMNED HEAD LIKE A DEMENTED CHICKEN!!! Everything's better, see, it's all better. better, better, better. Why do republicans talk about small government? They're equally as federal expansionist as the friggin' Democrats. 9/11, terrorists with WMDs. Freedom on the march. Tomorrow Afghanistan will be free. yadda.

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